We source our footwear from all over the globe and as a result, sizing systems are different between brands.

If you already know your shoe size in UK, US or Euro sizing use our simple conversion chart to find the correct size for you.

If you do receive your shoes and the size is not correct, we will happily exchange for another size, free of charge. Postage is on us!

To find out whether or not your shoe is the right fit for you, look for the following features:

  • Adequate width
    • Can you wiggle your toes when wearing your shoes?
    • Do your heels lift out of the shoe when walking?
    • Are your laces/straps done up to the tightest or loosest setting?
  • Adequate length
    • Do your toes bump the front of the shoe?
    • Do you have a gap between your heel and heel cup of the shoe?
    • Are your shoes fitted to your largest foot?
    • Is your big toe or second toe longest?
  • Comfortable
    • Can you wear your shoes comfortably all day?
    • Do you have redness or pressure marks on your feet after wearing?
    • Do your shoes accommodate the unique features of your feet (arch height, bunions, toe length or corns)?

If you have purchased with us before online or in store at Balance Podiatry we have a record of your shoe size.  If you haven’t purchased from us before and are unsure of your shoe size, contact us today. We can help you assess your current footwear to determine the best size.

For help, visit our Contact Us page or LiveChat with our staff online.